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GOTB  was founded in 2005  & established as GOTB Studios in 2021 by 7 Jah Lyrix-Gunahti. GOTB is helping bring awareness to important issues in the world but especially in the black community. GOTB is using Film & Music to positively influence the current and future generations. GOTB is  very passionate about giving back through community outreach & hands on training; sharing knowledge & resources with those in need. GOTB believes that Unity is Key. Bringing Sisters & Brothers together with a common goal to help heal, build, & grow as a Nation and as a World! 


Gunahti  "The Streets Angel" has been working in the Music Industry for over 10 years as an Artist, Engineer, and Producer. Gunahti has worked with amazing artist from all over the United States. The Streets Angel released her Official Original Debut Album C4AF in 2020. Gunahti's Music Projects are as following:

Suicide Bi Halo | UG Album | October 31, 2017 

Equivocal  | UG Album | October 31, 2018 

Seven Jha Lyrix | Mixtape | Jan 7, 2019  

Conundrum |  UG Album | October 31, 2019  

Babylon Burn | Song & Music Video | June 7, 2020  

C4AF | Official Debut Album | October 31, 2020  

Gunahti's passion for the stage rightly paved the way to the Film Industry. A firm believer that she is the creator of her reality, Gunahti invested in her dreams and decided that she would produce & direct a educational comedy show for the youth. The series is called "The Lyrix Tribe Show, Kwanzaa Special" staring her son JhaTye Lyrix & her daughter Journey Lyrix. This show gave its viewers a opportunity to learn about and celebrate the Kwanzaa Holiday with The Lyrix Tribe.


The Lyrix Tribe Show, Kwanzaa Special | Season 1 | 7 Episodes | 2018  

The Lyrix Tribe Show, Kwanzaa Special | Season 2 | 6  Episodes | 2019  

In 2020, Gunahti produced & directed another series with The Lyrix Tribe returning to the screens.

The Lyrix Tribe Show, Shutdown Special | Season 1 | 5 Episodes | 2020  

Gunahti began acting in 2020 when she featured on the #1 LGBT Web Series "Temptation" in Season 4 as "Marea" a Temptress. Gunahti's' music had already been featured in Season 1-3 of the hit series. The Writer, Director & Producer Crystal "Wootie" Hutchinson CEO of Geterdone Inc., seeing the passion Gunahti has for film also hired her on as the shows Lead Editor for Season 4. 

Temptation | Actress | Marea | 2020-2021

Geterdone | Lead Editor | 2020 - 2021

Later she met with the Oscar nominated Director of the film "Gunned Down",  VaShawn Dixon; she auditioned and landed the role as "G" in his Series "Black Friday" (2021). 

Black Friday | Actress | G | 2021


Gunahti is always open to new and exciting opportunities!


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