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GOTB Studios 

Volunteer Team Member 


Experience the exceptional benefits of volunteering with our film production company. As a valued volunteer, you'll have the chance to collaborate closely with industry professionals and gain unparalleled opportunities for personal and professional growth. While your contributions are crucial to our projects, we believe that the value of this experience extends far beyond our company.

Location:  San Diego, California 

Available Volunteer Positions:

  • Directors Production Assistant (PA)

  • Set Runner

  • Location Scout

  • Camera Operator (CO)

  • Gaffer

  • Make Up Artist

  • Fashion Designer

  • Marketing & Distribution Manager

  • Film Festival Coordinator

This hands-on involvement will enhance your skills, expand your network, and provide invaluable insights into the intricacies of filmmaking. Embrace this exclusive opportunity to deepen your understanding of the industry and establish a strong foundation for your future endeavors.


Join GOTB and be part of a professional environment where your dedication and passion are truly valued. GOTB Studios where visions become realities, one frame at a time. Get Out The Box! 

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